Acknowledge that any information, resources, links, references, as well as nutritional counselling and education provided through Plant-Based Living Initiative ( and its registered dietitians or nutritionists should not be considered medical advice or treatment, and should never replace medical advice or treatment provided by a physician or medical specialist.  

Any changes made to diet and lifestyle should compliment your current medical treatment, after discussing these changes with your physician(s). You should never make adjustments to your own medication. This should always be done by your physician and we will not answer or provide information regarding medical tests, procedures, treatments or medications that fall outside the field (or relevance) of dietetics.

Any individuals who exclude all animal products in their diet should include a regular and reliable source of vitamin B12 from a supplement and/or fortified food source.  

For people living in areas where it is not possible to produce vitamin D from regular sunlight exposure, particularly in colder months; or for those unable to obtain sufficient sunlight exposure for other reasons, they should follow the current recommendation from their relevant government department (eg. Health Canada).  









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You, the Client

Private Health Insurance

Please make us aware that you require a private health insurance receipt from a nutritionist at the time of booking. We will make sure all of our responsibilities are met.

We do not accept responsibi‍‍‍lity for‍‍‍ checking whether or not your provider covers nutrition consultations.

Please note that our nutritionist is a Canadian-trained Registered Dietitian and holds membership in the province of Ontario, Canada. She is also a member of Dietitians of Canada. Although practice in NZ is legal under the title 'Nutritionist,' the title 'Registered Dietitian' is protected, and limited to those who are registered in NZ itself.  For the time being, all receipts will include the title 'Nutritionist.'

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